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How you load the container is crucial to how much you can put in it.

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Always wear safety glasses and gloves. Debris can kick up from container.

Never climb into a loaded container. Use the rear door if possible.

Exercise extreme caution if you must be in the container while it’s being loaded.

Keep children away from the container and its contents at all times.

Tips: Planning

Organize items into large and small so you can fit them in like a puzzle. Think "Tetris." Break down and flatten anything that you can, such as cabinets. 

15 Yard Garbage Bin for Maynard, MA

Certain items such as televisions, computer monitors, air conditioners, refrigerators, tires, propane tanks, mattress and other items have an ADDITIONAL per item cost.

Rain and Snow will add weight to the container in many ways such as soaking into a mattress or sofa.Consider using a tarp (not provided) to cover the container and avoid extra weight charges.

You can save time and money by being prepared with these helpful hints.

Safety First